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ima about to morb ooooo

Welcomom to my myega epic oh yeah website hell yeah baby woooo yeh baby lets fuckin sooo hehe o


Insane and mind blowing 3D graphics, the future sure is here

I don't know how to 3d but I tried :D

I also made some weird DooM mod that I don't think I'll ever finish, but it was really fun to do. I haven't post it anywhere but in the future I'll probably post it with some simple levels to see if people wanna play it because it really took me a lot of time to make some of the enemies and bosses

here's more screenshots and gifs !!1!

: )

Coming Soon 1998 !!!

Please be aware that this game contains a massive screen virus that can make the person playing to have a disease called the myegamorbirus, a really dangerous disease that cause massive and endless cock pain, and if you don't have a cock it instantly kill you lol fuck u lmao get morb'd you dumbfuck haha funni no but seriously don't play it please, Jesus is in my room right now and I don't know what to do, he just told me he wants to circumcise me no Jesus please jimbos oh my god oyoedf

Yesterday my cat pooped so hard it blew up my house

si hablas espaƱol caga ahora mismo !!!

if you see a duende run immediately